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Thinking About You Thinking About Me
Thinking About You Thinking About Me Quantity in Basket: None
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Price: $48.00


©2007. 2nd Edition By Michelle Garcia Winner This is where to start to learn more about social interaction and social awareness. Understanding the perspectives of others is key to all interpersonal relationships. Many students, including those with high-functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD and similar social and communication challenges, have difficulties understanding that other people have perspectives that are different from their own. Michelle's model of perspective-taking makes research into Theory of Mind practical for teaching these students and even students who may be considered "neurotypical." Specific lessons, and how to apply them in different settings, are explored. The Four Steps of Communication creates a framework for understanding the complexities of social thinking and for enhancing perspective-taking in students. Social Behavior Mapping and IEPs are examined. How to focus concepts for ages and skill levels are presented through practical handouts, activities and lesson ideas. This second edition of Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME contains much expanded content, including two new chapters and an updated philosophy. The assessment chapter now includes the Social Thinking Dynamic Assessment Protocol®, with more detailed assessment techniques. For ages K-adulthood, the book provides the foundation for teaching students how to make social thinking work in their real lives and for using books like Superflex, You Are A Social Detective and others. Thinking About You Thinking About Me 2nd Edition discusses the challenges of trying to use standardized tests to quantify an abstract, complex, synergistic process and presents the Informal Social Thinking Dynamic Assessment Protocol®.

Thinking About You Thinking About Me features three chapters on assessments: the first describes the Informal Social Thinking Assessment Protocol®, the second gives comments and critiques on other assessment techniques, and the third provides the 29 pages of the Informal Social Thinking Assessment Protocol® and checklist to encourage others to use these informal assessment tools.

Included are:

  • The author's perspective-taking model
    • How understanding the perspectives of others is the foundation of interpersonal relationships
    • How to address specific deficits in this area
  • The four steps of communication - enhancing perspective-taking
    • Specific, related treatment activities
  • Sample IEP goals and benchmarks
    • The ME Binder: teaching your students their IEP goals, why this helps
  • Social Behavior Mapping
    • Visual ways to teach students the impact of behaviors on others and themselves
    • Sample maps and make your own!
    • The Social Thinking Dynamic Assessment Protocol
      • Why assessments fall short
      • Michelle's practical informal assessment strategy
      • 25 pages of templates to use for the Social Thinking Dynamic Assessment Protocol
    • Additional concrete strategies and user-friendly templates to help your student(s) build their own more dynamic social thinking abilities and see the rewards of doing so.
    • For: Parents and professionals
    • Ages: All ages

    (Softcover; 307 pages.)

    ©2007-2008. Autism Society of North Carolina.

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