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Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety

Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety
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    By Nick Dubin©2009.

    Many people suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. For people with Asperger Syndrome (AS), this stress can be especially difficult to manage. Every day, people with AS must fit into a world that seems totally foreign to them and this can increase feelings of alienation and anxiety, making life's challenges especially hard to cope with. Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety: A Guide to Successful Stress Management, written specifically for adults with Asperger Syndrome, offers practical advice on how individuals with AS can manage their anxiety more effectively.

    Included in Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety are chapters on:

    • how anxiety works and how to control it
    • how it commingles with Asperger syndrome
    • cognitive-behavioral therapy
    • relationships
    • employment
    • choosing a therapist
    • meltdowns and how to control them
    • how anxiety can be affected by health and by spirituality.

    As a person with AS who has struggled with feelings of anxiety and learnt how to overcome them, Nick Dubin shares his own tried and tested solutions along with current research on stress management for individuals with AS, including a chapter on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Dubin explores the key problem areas that can lead to anxiety for people with AS such as lack of social skills, difficulties establishing romantic relationships and uncertainty about employment. Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety provides real solutions to a common problem and is essential reading for anyone with AS who has trouble managing stress. Family members, teachers and other professionals working with individuals with AS will also find interesting information in this book.

    Also, included is an interview with the author's parents about his childhood and adolescence, and a list of suggested titles for further reading. (Softcover; 222 pages.)