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Autism From Within - a handbook

Autism From Within - a handbook
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    ©2006. By Hilde de Clercq. For those who have heard Hilde de Clercq speak, it will be no surprise to hear that this is a very special book. Her unique position as a professional, trainer, international speaker and above all, mother of a young man with Asperger syndrome, enables her to speak with authority and insight on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She draws on her experience in all her roles, and on her wide study of the literature, to address all the key issues in ASD and to provide practical and sensitive advice on how to tackle problems. She uses vignettes from her life with her son and from the writings of others with ASD, to illustrate her points and to help deepen the reader's understanding, which is the basis of her approach. Her style is warm and open, with no unnecessary jargon. There are some problems with the translation but the content of the book makes it well worth ignoring those infelicities of grammar. This book deserves to be taken seriously for the way it integrates research, theory and personal accounts and is a valuable contribution to the field.
    Review by Rita Jordan

    '... I started to read the book yesterday and was so fascinated I couldn't put it down until I had read it all. Her description of the world of the autistic child (and adult) and the examples she gives are so clear and accurate. The detailed and specific suggestions for helping a child (or adult) are so relevant and useful.
    I am particularly interested in the way in which Hilde analyses the problems that underlie the impairment of social interaction, communication and imagination in autism. For example she describes the way in which typically developing children automatically and readily look for meaning in all their experiences. In contrast, children with autism have great difficulty in deriving meaning, tending to see an array of disjointed details and taking a long time (if ever) to make sense of the whole picture.'
    Review by Dr. Lorna Wing

    I must wholeheartedly recommend Hilde de Clercq's wonderful latest book, Autism from Within - a Handbook. De Clercq not only has a profound understanding of the nature and culture of autism but, like her colleague in Belgium, Theo Peeters, she is blessed with an enormous capacity for compassion and genuine affection for the autistic people with whom she works.
    All these elements emerge to the full in this book, which is an invaluable treasure-chest of advice on how to work with, and comprehend, autistic individuals. Let me quote just one paragraph which will, I hope, give you an insight into Hilde's warmth and humanity: "Working with autistic people clearly has an ethical side. They often have a low self-image and, if you do not understand autism well, it is easy to discourage them - even if you have no intention to. A certain vision underlies most work with autistic people; we have to raise them well, teach them how to behave, how to adjust themselves. However, we tend to forget that people with autism have the same feelings we have and that their sticking-point has to do with understanding, communicating and dealing with those feelings. We are - in that sense - better equipped and should never take advantage of this."
    Review by Adam Feinstein

    (Hardtcover; 336 pages.)

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