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Autism and Reading Comprehension

Autism and Reading Comprehension
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    By Joseph Porter ©2011.

    The predictable format, repetition, and routine of these lessons will create a relaxed learning environment; while the variations in the topics will hold students’ attention and help them generalize the reading skills they need to succeed.

    Starting with Level 1 (The Cat) and ending with Level 9 (The Lizard), special-educator Joseph Porter has developed 90 amazing hours of animal-themed, whole-group instruction. There are two student worksheets for each of the nine animals, totaling eighteen worksheets. Each worksheet has four variations, and there is a ready-to-go lesson plan for each variation.

    Each animal theme has two sentence-building exercises. These exercises will build students’ observation skills and help them transform those skills into conversation and written language.

    In addition to the step-by-step lesson plans, Joseph provides a detailed description of what the lessons will look and feel like in the classroom, complete with valuable, first-hand advice. In the back, you’ll find an appendix with numerous suggestions for complementary activities for each animal theme, so you can supplement on the “off” days with art projects, music, books, and videos.

    The Data-Collection Sheets section contains assessment forms that will help record your students’ progress, per IEP standards.

    The companion CD contains all of the worksheets, lesson plans, visual tools, and assessment forms for quick and easy printing. (Softcover; 384 pages.)