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Autism: Strategies A-Z Elementary

Autism: Strategies A-Z Elementary
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    ©2009. By Wendy Ashcroft, Sue Argiro and Joyce Keohane.

    Autism: Strategies A-Z Elementary, is a six page laminated reference guide that offers a wide range of practical and research-based strategies to help students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is designed as a valuable reference for general and special education teachers who are working with students with autism and its associated characteristics. Although these powerful strategies are effective for classroom use, they are also useful for schools to use with parents who are involved in helping their children with the many challenges that are presented by autism. Wendy Ashcroft and her colleagues make implementing these specific strategies and techniques as clear as possible, by presenting each strategy in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion filled with many actual examples.

    Autism: Strategies A-Z Elementary, offers general and special education teachers, parents and paraprofessionals quick-access to practical tips and effective strategies for teaching elementary school aged children with autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

    Included is an overview of common characteristics exhibited by students with autism, including difficulty communicating and deficits in the area of social skills, to help teachers identify students who may fall on the autism spectrum and should be referred for assessment and diagnosis.

    Select research-based approaches to teaching children with autism are reviewed, including:

    • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Discrete Trial Teaching
    • Creating a token economy system

    Additionally, the guide recommends strategies to help teachers understand and manage the behavior students with autism, including:

    • Changing the course of negative momentum
    • Targeting motivation
    • "Oops" strategies

    (Laminated Trifold)