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Autism Strategies for Middle Schools: A-Z

Autism Strategies for Middle Schools: A-Z
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    By Wendy Ashcroft, Sue Argiro and Joyce Keohane ©20113.

    In many ways, the challenge of effectively teaching students with autism increases as their grade level increases. Students with autism enter middle school with very different maturity and ability levels due to the individual nature and the extent of their disorder, as well as the degree of support they have received in school and outside of school previously.

    To meet the extremely diverse educational needs of middle school students with autism, general and special education teachers, support staff, administrators, school psychologists and other educators must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide a range of evidenced-based interventions to students who require different degrees of academic and behavioral support.

    Autism Strategies for Middle Schools: A-Z, helps middle school educators meet this challenge by offering, in one durable, 3-hole punched, laminated guide, quick and easy access to key information about autism along with numerous easy-to-follow, evidence-based teaching strategies and behavior management techniques that will help students with autism succeed in the middle school classroom. Each of the strategies in this six-page (tri-fold) guide can be adapted to match cognitive ability and chronological age.

    A valuable resource for both general and special education teachers as well as paraeducators and parents, this guide is also a useful quick-reference tool for other professionals designing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). It is also ideally suited for use in training and professional development workshops. (Laminated Trifold.)