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Behavioral Concerns and ASD: Explanations and Strategies

Behavioral Concerns and ASD: Explanations and Strategies
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    By John Clements and Ewa Zarkowska ©2000.

    Written by clinical psychologists, Behavioral Concerns and Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Explanations and Strategies for Change, describes the needs expressed by individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through problem behaviors. Practical strategies are offered in the following areas: maintaining a safe environment; understanding; social relationships; well-being; competence; preoccupations; sensitivities; and motivation. This is a very useful text for persons living or working with individuals with ASD.

    The authors identify the range of needs that may be expressed through behaviors that cause concern and provide strategies for addressing both needs and behaviors. These strategies are based on extensive research and on the authors' own clinical experience. Each aspect of need is analyzed in detail. General principles for dealing with these needs are presented, and in each case a tips and hints section offers more specific help on possible solutions. Included in the appendices are advice on identifying the factors behind a behavior that causes concern and guidance on how to ensure that support services are delivering what they should. This is a book that will be essential reading for all those working or living with autistic people. (Softcover; 270 pages.)