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Building Social Relationships

Building Social Relationships
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    -Winner of the 2007 Autism Society of America "Literary Work of the Year" Award.

    ©2006. By Scott Bellini, Ph.D. This book was written by a licensed psychologist who runs a clinic specializing in social skills programming for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This guide focuses on children of elementary school age, and the author's approach to teaching social skills begins with the understanding that individuals with ASD want to build meaningful relationships and need to be taught appropriate social skills. It is the author's view that social skills incorporate thinking, feeling, and doing, and he explains why certain skills are difficult for persons with ASD. He introduces his five-step model to help teach those needed skills, and he begins with an assessment of the child's current level of social functioning by interviewing the child, parents, teachers, and others closely involved. He then conducts a problem identification and analysis process before completing a detailed social skills profile. Once specific needs are identified, related goals and objectives become the focus of the process. A social skills instructional plan is then created for each individual child, and the selected interventions that are listed in the plan (appropriate for individual and group settings) are implemented, monitored, and evaluated. Numerous examples and references are provided to help the reader create a plan, and blank forms, checklists, and profiles are also included. (Softcover; 270 pages.)

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