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CARS-2 High Functioning Version rating Booklet – 25 count

CARS-2 High Functioning Version rating Booklet – 25 count
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    © 2013 by Eric Schopler, Ph.D., Mary E. Van Bourgondien, Ph.D., Glenna Janette Wellman, Ph.D., and Steven R. Love, Ph.D.©2013.

    Since its original publication, the Childhood Autism Rating Scale has become one of the most widely used and empirically validated autism assessments. It has proven especially effective in discriminating between children with autism and those with severe cognitive deficits, and in distinguishing mild-to-moderate from severe autism.

    Now a revised Second Edition expands the test's clinical value, making it more responsive to individuals on the "high-functioning" end of the autism spectrum--those with average or higher IQ scores, better verbal skills, and more subtle social and behavioral deficits. While retaining the simplicity, brevity, and clarity of the original test, the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (CARS2) Kit. adds forms and features that help you integrate diagnostic information, determine functional capabilities, provide feedback to parents, and design targeted intervention.

    The High Functioning Version Rating Booklet (CARS2-HF), is for use with individuals younger than 6 years of age and those with communication difficulties or below-average estimated IQs.

    Clinician rates the individual, using a 4-point response scale. Ratings are based not only on frequency of the behavior in question, but also on its intensity, peculiarity, and duration. While this more nuanced approach gives you greater flexibility in integrating diagnostic information, it still yields quantitative results.

    The High Functioning Rating Booklet is particularly convenient because it includes space for clinical note-taking and documentation. Included is a brief description for each area rated, providing a reminder of rating criteria and a framework for explaining results to parents. Also,cutoff values are listed so that you can see at a glance whether further evaluation is warranted. (25 questionnaires are included.)