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Comic Strip Conversations

Comic Strip Conversations
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    By Carol Gray ©1994.

    Comic Strip Conversations provides instructions for creating "comic strip conversations." A comic strip conversation incorporates the use of simple drawings, and it is based on the theory that visual supports are useful in structuring the learning of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

    Comic strip conversations achieve the following social goals:

    • Systematically identify what people say and do
    • Emphasize what people may be thinking
    • Provide insight into a student's perspective of a situation
    • Serve as an excellent prerequisite activity to the development of a social story.

    Cartoon figures are used with conversation symbols to show what people say and think during conversations. Showing what people are thinking reinforces that others have independent thoughts, a concept that children with ASD don't instinctively understand. Showing what people are thinking also helps children recognize that, although people say one thing, they may think something very different. This concept is also unfamiliar to concrete-thinking children on the spectrum.

    Children can draw their own comic strips to show what they are thinking and feeling about different experiences. Different colors can represent different states of mind. Using these simple comic strips can show as well as get across a lot of substantive information. Some of the topics included are:

    • What is a Comic Strip Conversation?
    • Comic Strip Symbols Dictionary
    • Drawing small talk
    • Drawing about a given situation
    • Drawing about an upcoming situation
    • Feelings and COLOR

    (Softcover; 36 pages.)