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Developing Talents

Developing Talents
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    2nd ed. ©2008. By Temple Grandin, Ph.D. and Kate Duffy. According to co-author Temple Grandin, this book was born out of her frustration and fear that many individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) or high-functioning autism (HFA) are missing out on the important experience of work, including the satisfaction of contributing to their families and communities as well as being independent and self-sufficient. This guide describes the unique work challenges for persons with AS and HFA, and particular emphasis is placed on developing social skills, modulating emotions, and dealing with sensory issues. Chapters include: ASD and its effect in the workplace; easing into the workplace; rules for success on the job; finding a vocation you love; searching for an ideal job; do what you do best; and the best jobs for persons with ASD. The book also contains numerous profiles of working individuals whose jobs would be a good match for persons on the autism spectrum. Written for parents, professionals, and persons with AS and HFA, this book is an insightful step-by-step guide to the career planning process. (Softcover; 153 pages.)

    This is the "Updated and Expanded Edition" with new chapters on entrepreneurship (Ch. 8), truly successful career stories (Ch. 9), and an expanded list of jobs that suit those on the spectrum.

    ©2007-2008. Autism Society of North Carolina.