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Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave

Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave
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    ©2011. By Elizabeth Verdick . Help kids make smarter choices at home and at school with this kid-friendly book that takes a positive approach to behavior problems. Better behavior isn't just about making adults happy. When kids make better behavior choices, they stay out of trouble, feel good about themselves, and get along better with family, friends, and teachers. That leads to self-control, awareness, and a positive outlook, so things go better for kids. Lighthearted yet supportive and frank, with full-color cartoons and humorous text, this book helps readers learn to make thoughtful, deliberate, positive behavior decisions. That means fewer behavior problems and more freedom-and fun. Behavior issues addressed include small ones, like talking or blurting out in class, as well as more challenging behaviors such as fighting or disobeying parents. (from publisher)
    Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave(Softcover; 128 pages.)

    ©2011 Autism Society of NC (added 12/15)