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Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Autism

Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Autism
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    ©2004. By Adelle Jameson Tilton. The author is the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the creator of the website guide to ASD. In this book, she offers a wealth of information and reassuring advice for parents of newly diagnosed children. Chapters include: the world of ASD; diagnosis; coexisting medical conditions; behavior; communication; meltdowns; the effects of ASD on the parents' marriage; the single parent and the ASD child; sibling issues; ASD and the extended family; the ASD child in the community; starting school; puberty; life as an adult with ASD; assistive techniques and technologies; challenging problems; intervention for ASD children; financial assistance; support for parents; and the future of ASD. Filled with hundreds of helpful tips, unique insights, and real-life situations, this is an essential guide for parents and family members. (Softcover; 285 pages.)

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