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Everything Parent's Guide to Children with AS

Everything Parent's Guide to Children with AS
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    ©2005. By William Stillman. It is the author's view that we are all more alike than different. This positive underlying message sets the tone for this comprehensive and encouraging reference guide about Asperger Syndrome (AS). Written by an AS consultant and speaker who has over 20 years experience in the special needs community, this handbook provides a wealth of information on a wide variety of fundamental topics. Chapters include: defining AS; positive perspectives; seeking a diagnosis, discipline; communication; physical health; mental health; identifying a child's passions; family dynamics; fostering relationships; educational programming; school-related issues; extracurricular activities; significant transitions and change; traveling and vacations; sexuality; lifelong strategies; employment; transitioning to adulthood; law enforcement; and the rewards of being an Asperger's parent. Filled with important facts, essential tips, special alerts, and key questions, this is an in-depth resource for parents, family members, educators, and caregivers who live and work with individuals with AS. (Softcover; 301 pages.)

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