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Exploring Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anger

Exploring Feelings: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Manage Anger
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    -Winner of the 2008 "Teacher's Choice Award for the Family" by Learning Magazine.

    ©2004. By Tony Attwood, Ph.D. Written by an internationally recognized professional in the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), this guide presents a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) program to help children manage anger. The author has created the program so it can be administered by adults other than trained psychologists, including parents, teachers, and other professionals. The program itself is comprised of six 2-hour sessions: session 1 examines the emotions of happiness and relaxation; session 2 explores the feeling of anger and focuses on physical tools to "fix" angry feelings; session 3 emphasizes social skills and thinking tools for anger management; session 4 explains the concept of a "thermometer" for measuring the "temperature" of an emotion; session 5 utilizes the Social Stories' method to help children regulate anger; and session 6 helps children design their own cognitive behavior program for anger management. The guide also contains activities, exercises, and worksheets for children who participate in the program, and the program can also be modified and used with adolescents and adults. (Softcover; 79 pages.)

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