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A 5 Is Against the Law! Social Boundaries

A 5 Is Against the Law! Social Boundaries
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    Winner of the 2008 ASA Outstanding Literary Work of the Year Award, Family/Social Division.

    By Kari Dunn Buron ©2007.

    Building on her widely popular book, The Incredible 5 Point Scale: The Significantly Improved and Expanded Second Edition; Assisting Students in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling their Emotional Responses, this book takes a narrower look at challenging behavior with a particular focus on behaviors that can mean trouble for adolescents and young adults who have difficulty understanding and maintaining social boundaries.

    Using a direct and simple style with lots of examples and hands-on activities, A 5 Is Against the Law!, speaks directly to adolescents and young adults. The idea behind the 5-point scale is to take an idea or behavior and break it into five parts to make it easier to understand the different degrees of behavior and, eventually, the consequences of one's behavior.

    A section of the book is devoted to anxiety and how to cope with it before it begins to escalate, often leading to impulsive and unacceptable behavior.

    A 5 Is Against the Law! Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adults, also uses a 5-point scale to help teens visualize social interactions and their emotional states during those interactions. The rating scale uses a 5 to indicate that a behavior is physically hurtful or threatening, down to a rating of 1, which means that the behavior is socially appropriate. Chapters include:

    • Different people see and think about things differently
    • Nobody goes it alone
    • When a kiss or a glance becomes a crime
    • Understanding the gray areas
    • When things seem to get out of control
    • Developing crisis plans.

    Included are concrete examples of how behavior can cross the line from acceptable, to uncomfortable, to illegal. Worksheets and activities also help teens understand and control behavioral choices and emotional responses.

    Also, throughout the book, the reader is encouraged to think about and create his own behavior on an anxiety scale that applies to his particular emotions and situations. (Softcover; 47 pages.)