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Gray's Guide to Loss, Learning, and Children with ASD

Gray's Guide to Loss, Learning, and Children with ASD
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    ©2003. By Carol Gray. This issue of the Jenison Autism Journal is devoted to the subject of explaining terminal illness and death to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The author, an internationally known educator and the creator of the Social Stories© method, wrote this guide in response to numerous questions she received about helping children with ASD deal with grief and loss. In this issue, the author takes a comprehensive look at death and loss in the following sections: a child's age and perception of death; loss and children with ASD (including intense and unique responses to loss); guiding children with ASD through loss; and writing Social Stories© about loss. Filled with helpful strategies, sample stories, and additional ideas, this is a unique resource for parents and professionals. (Softcover; 44 pages.)

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