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Hope For The Autism Spectrum

Hope For The Autism Spectrum
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    ©2009. By Sally Kirk. In this book author Sally Kirk shares her personal experiences as a mother with a child on the autism spectrum. This work is not only peppered with her personal stories, but also helps to explain the biomedical approach in an easy to understand way. She discussed real life in a real way; what she has learned and how she has dealt with it. The last two thirds of the book are mostly comprised of information on biomedical interventions. She discusses the science of body chemistry, why and how biomedical interventions work, vaccines, case studies, research from DAN!, various tests, interventions and treatments, the source of toxins, court cases, gut problems, food allergies, special diets, immune system problems, & includes sources and references for all of it. She is one parent talking to another, sharing her failures, rejoicing in sucesses, and spreading a word of hope. (Hardcover, 431 pages)

    ©2009. Autism Society of North Carolina.