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How To Use Joint Action Routines

How To Use Joint Action Routines
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    By Josefa Ben-Arieh ©2007.

    A joint action routine (JAR) is a routine interaction between two or more people that is logical, predictable, and recurring. JAR is an intervention method that can be used by parents and professionals to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) acquire new skills and experiences, and it is particularly effective because individuals with ASD benefit from routines, repetition, and structure.

    How To Use Joint Action Routines, provides an overview of the JAR approach, including: the background and benefits of the JAR method; planning and implementing a JAR strategy; the elements of a JAR; JARs for young or low-functioning children; JARs for preschool and elementary-age children; and JARs for middle and high school-age students.

    According to the author, a JAR should be designed to facilitate a student's development and also connect with his or her IEP objectives. Types of JAR activities can include:

    • The preparation of a product
    • Stories or activities based on a subject of interest
    • Cooperative turn-taking games
    • Daily living routines.

    JAR strategies are particularly effective for helping individuals learn and maintain communication and socialization skills. (Booklet; 43 pages.)