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How to Teach Verbal Behavior

How to Teach Verbal Behavior
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    By Peter Sturmy ©2010.

    Individuals with autism have tremendous problems verbally communicating with other people. Many do not talk and those that do often face challenges. Their vocabulary is often limited and their speech is difficult to understand. So, how then, is the autistic child to tell you what they want or need, without using words?

    How to Teach Verbal Behavior, explains what verbal behavior is, and how parents and practitioners can teach the child or adult how to convey what they want to say.

    Four verbal operants are commonly used in this teaching technology:

    • (1) Mand - request
    • (2) Tact - naming, labeling, and commenting
    • (3) Echoic - imitation
    • (4) Intraverbal - answering questions.

    (Softcover; 111 pages.)