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In His Shoes A Short Journey Through Autism

In His Shoes A Short Journey Through Autism
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    ©2008. By Joanna L. Keating-Velasco. Do you know someone who can recite lines to a favorite movie but can't tell you how he's feeling? Then you've got to read this book. In His Shoes chronicles a year in the life of Nick, a 6th grader who has autism and is almost non-verbal. Nick experiences many new things including attending a new school, joining the track team, and his first school dance. He uses a communication binder and has an aide to help him out in his inclusive classroom. Nick makes new friends at track practice and during art lessons, but he also runs into bullies in the cafeteria who just don't understand his "stimming" behaviors. Nick sometimes experiences sensory overload and needs to take breaks; his parents and school aide understand that and give him time to unwind. As a reader, you'll also get an insiders look at Nick's thoughts and questions, which he isn't able to communicate, these thoughts show just how normal and intelligent Nick really is as well as what confuses and frustrates him. Any middle-schooler who has a friend or sibling with autism will love reading this book. With the help of "Points to Ponder" at the end of each chapter, the reader will see their friend or sibling in a new light. For ages 10-14. (Softcover; 147 pages.)

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