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Learning Social Skills - A Conversation Workbook

Learning Social Skills - A Conversation Workbook
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    Learning Social Skills - A Conversation Workbook is meant to teach students key conversation skills through worksheet exercises and thought provoking strategies for social skills development. Conversation is a key to human interaction. It is important to be able to express your ideas and opinions so that other people can better understand your actions and your needs. This workbook helps teens and young adults master basic conversational skills that will allow them to navigate in real world situations. Topics are broken down into individual skills and are accompanied by activities that reinforce what has been learned. Topics include:

    • Appropriate Topics of Conversation
    • Starting Conversations
    • Reciprocal Conversations
    • Staying on Topic
    • Respecting the Ideas of Others

    Each chapter begins with a brief overview of the concept being worked on, next is sample worksheets filled out with appropriate answers that is followed by blank worksheets for the student to fill in.

    The workbook progresses from simple ideas about conversation like who, when and where to have a conversation to more complex strategies like starting a conversation, ending a conversation, having a reciprocal conversation and respecting the ideas of others.

    This workbook can be filled out with minimal guidance from teachers but it would be better for teachers to build lesson plans around the concepts presented in this book to help the concepts stick.

    A large note taking section is included in the back of the book for the student to write about their experiences when using the conversation strategies and to help them to measure their progress. (Softcover; 119 pages)