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Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students With Special Needs

Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students With Special Needs
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    ©2012. By Todd Germain, Michelle DeFelice Haverly, Sarah Olivieri and Valerie Paradiz, Ph.D.. Lesson Plan a La Carte™ is a menu-based planning model that provides teachers and case teams with streamlined protocols for creating or adapting lesson plans for students with cognitive, sensory and social differences. The result is an Integrated Lesson Plan that melds academic with therapeutic objectives directly in the classroom for authentic learning. A qualitative and quantitative data collection tool is embedded in the model to document best practices. Includes planning templates and protocols.

    Teachers and clinicians tend to think, speak and work differently in schools, and often have separate priorities and goals. Lesson Plan a la Carte™ guides educators through a simple, step-by-step process of creating an integrated lesson plan that addresses the social, environmental and communication challenges that often block students' access to academics and other learning opportunities.

    This model helps to integrate the best clinical and educational practices into a plan that speaks a common language and aligns and focuses priorities, goals and strategies.

    The core components of this research-based planning model are two types of menus: Therapeutic and Considerations for Planning. After using the Therapeutic Menus to identify obstacles to learning and how to address them utilizing best teaching and therapeutic practices, the Considerations for Planning Menus help answer the question of how to implement appropriate changes. Additional templates for working solo or with a team, suggest classroom modifications such as decreasing the length of assignments, changing the lighting in the room, etc., all depending on the student's needs.

    As the slim, 90-page volume indicates, the authors don't want to add more work to educators' already busy day. The book makes an educator's existing workload easier to manage by helping them easily create well-designed and integrated lesson plans that bring together learning objectives, therapeutic supports and modifications students need right in the classroom. Best of all, the plans can be carried out solo or by a team.

    Team and solo templates facilitate the brainstorming and finalizing of the lesson plans. Guided instructions are printed right on the template forms which are provided in the book and on the accompanying CD.

    Lesson Plan a la Carte™: Integrated Planning for Students With Special Needs (Softcopy: 90 pages with CD.)

    ©2012 Autism Society of NC (added 9/26)