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Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults

Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults
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    By Zosia Zaks ©2006.

    In this down-to-earth and extremely straightforward book, the author offers something unique: a definitive guide to life, for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), by an adult with an ASD. Divided into two sections, “Life” and “Love,” Zaks covers an amazing range of topics necessary to the lives of functioning adults, and gives very practical strategies and advice for handling related situations.

    The “Life” section addresses practical, everyday issues, such as:
      •dealing with sensory issues, especially in public
      •maintaining a home responsibly and independently
      •different ways of living as an adult, such as living with a roommate, by oneself, or with a romantic partner
      •shopping for necessities
      •different modes of transportation and general travel information
      •health care issues, such as different kinds of doctors, and when and when not to see one
      •vocational advice.

    The “Love” section focuses on all the different kinds of social relationships people have, and how to navigate them, with chapters on:

        •the basics on dating, including safety information
        •making spectrum/non-spectrum relationships work, including addressing issues from both the spectrum and non-spectrum partner’s point of view
        •strategies for safety in all aspects of life, including special information for women on the spectrum
        •gender differences amongst people on the spectrum
        •understanding the different levels of friendship, and maintaining friends
        •disclosing your diagnosis in different situations, such as at work, to family and friends, to romantic partners, and to your children (both on and off the spectrum)
        •the difficulties the invisibility of ASD can cause .

    In addition, the end of the book contains a list of references and another list of helpful products. (Softcover; 367pages.)