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Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide

Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide
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    By Sarah Attwood and Illustrated by Jonathon Powell ©2008.

    Puberty can be a confusing time for any young person, and even more so when that person has Asperger’s Syndrome.

    In Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger’s Syndrome, Sarah Attwood addresses a sensitive subject in a confident straight-forward manner providing facts and withholding judgment.

    While the title implies that the main focus of this book is on sex, it actually deals with a broad range of adolescent issues such as smoking and drinking, acne, body odor, maintaining friendships, mood swings, and more.

    Anatomical illustrations show readers different types of bodies and the author assures readers that no two bodies should be expected to look the same.

    Additional resources include a table of sexual words broken down into common terminology, medical term, slang, and baby talk; recommended reading; and useful websites. (Softcover; 311 pages.)