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No Fishing Allowed Student Workbook

No Fishing Allowed  Student Workbook
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    ©2006. By Carol Gray and Judy Williams.
    Carol Gray, author and creator of the groundbreaking New Social Story Book, is a pioneer in social skills education. Judy Williams' extensive counseling experience complements Gray's work. Together they produce an all-inclusive program. Through the use of the Teacher Manual, Student Workbook, and accompanying DVD (each item sold separately), this program:

    • Emphasizes empowerment strategies for all students who are affected by bully/target relationships
    • Provides teachers with information, ideas, and activities to address bullying attempts and other unfriendly social interactions
    • Addresses topics such as peer conflict versus bullying attempts, tattling versus reporting, word bullying, friendship bullying, gender-specific bullying, anti-bullying strategies for witnesses, and many more
    • Supplies an in-depth annotated bibliography consisting of numerous additional resources
    • Allows teachers to organize efforts toward establishing peaceful, friendly, and accepting learning environments for all students.

    (From Publisher) (Softcover; 14 pages)

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