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No More Meltdowns

No More Meltdowns
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    ©2008. By Jed Baker, Ph.D. From nine years of working with troubled inner city youth as a school psychologist, to his ongoing work with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), to his experiences raising his own children, Dr. Baker has become an expert on managing and diffusing challenging behavior. Because it is not specific to ASD or any other population, this book will be useful to any parent or caregiver dealing with a child prone to meltdowns. Dr. Baker covers a variety of situations that commonly lead to meltdowns for some children, such as: Demands; Waiting; Threats to self-image; and Unmet wishes for attention. Dr. Baker makes it clear that we will never be able to extinguish meltdowns completely, but by taking the time to understand and predict a potential meltdown trigger we can hopefully diffuse a situation before it becomes a full fledged meltdown. (Softcover; 150 pages)

    ©2007-2008. Autism Society of North Carolina.