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Only Boy In the World

Only Boy In the World
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    ©2006. By Michael Blastland. In this unique work, the author, a journalist, BBC radio commentator, and father of a son with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD), takes the reader on a journey into the depths of what it means to be human. Drawing heavily on philosophical and scientific definitions of human nature, he forces himself, and the reader, to examine what exactly those definitions mean in the face of his son's ASD. By being forced to reexamine so many things he, and the aforementioned philosophers and scientists, take for granted about the underlying human condition, he shows the reader that there are far more depths, breathtakingly complex ones at that, to being human than one might think. His very honest approach to learning from his son's autism gives a clear and poignant picture of what it is like to be the parent of a child with severe autism. In addition, he gives suggestions for further reading on the final pages of the book, for readers who wish to also look more closely at how the world defines humanity. (Softcover; 214 pages.)

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