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Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum -- LOCAL AUTHORS!

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum -- LOCAL AUTHORS!
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    -Winner of the 2007 Autism Society of America "Literary Work of the Year" Award

    ©2006. By Maureen F. Morrell and Ann Palmer. As two experienced mothers of children, now adults, with autism, Maureen Morrell and Ann Palmer have taken some time to reflect on their experiences. Though their sons are on opposite ends of the autism spectrum, they have found that the lessons they have learned over the years are remarkably similar and apply to all parents. Given their own wish that they had been able to learn some of these lessons earlier, they now offer to new parents this book of wisdom from the other side of parenting a child on the spectrum. Each chapter presents general points on the topic in question, which are then richly illustrated by the authors' own personal perspectives and recollections. The authors discuss the journey of parenting from the initial diagnosis to beginning to let go of their adult children. This book offers a welcome look at what lies beyond the early intervention and elementary school years. The authors offer consolation and understanding by revealing their own feelings throughout the journey, coupled with practical advice and a possible glimpse into the future, which is often far more bright than new parents may suspect. (Softcover; 220 pages.)

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