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Parent's Guide to College Students on Autism Spectrum

Parent's Guide to College Students on Autism Spectrum
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    National Parenting Publications Gold Award (NAPPA) Parenting Resources Competition (2012)

    ©2012. By G. Ruth Bork, M.Ed., Lisa King MEd, Jane Thierfeld Brown, Ed.D. and Lorraine Wolf, Ph.D. Sending a son or daughter off to college is daunting and fear-provoking experience for most parents, but if your child has an autism spectrum disorder, the challenge is magnified many times over. Even high-functioning students with excellent academic preparation face difficulties in higher education, primarily related to communication, social skills, and sensory-based issues. For many, the accommodations and special interventions that supported them in high school will no longer be available on a college campus. This parent-friendly book, made especially so because it is written by parents, who also are autism professionals, takes the fear and mystery out of the college experience. Learn how to select the right campus, how to work with Disability Services staff, what legal protections apply, how to prepare your son or daughter to be an effective self-advocate on campus, what assistance can be reasonably be expected from residence hall managers, faculty, and much, much more. (from publisher)
    The Parent's Guide to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum(Softcover; 209 pages.)

    ©2012 Autism Society of NC (added 11/26)