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Personal Space Camp (Teacher's Guide)

Personal Space Camp  (Teacher's Guide)
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    ©2006. By Julia Cook. Illustrated by Carrie Hartman. This fun and brightly illustrated book teaches children about the importance of personal space. Louis is a self-proclaimed space expert. He doesn't understand why his teachers and classmates get so cranky when he tries to teach them about gravity by jumping off a chair (ok, so maybe he landed on Richard's leg), and about comets by crashing into Rusty. Naturally, Louis is very excited when his teacher decides to send him to Personal Space Camp in Principal Goodkid's office. "It's about time!" Louis' mother proclaims when he runs home that afternoon to tell her the good news. The next morning Louis barges into the principal's office to find five hula-hoops spread out on the floor-one for each camper. Much to Louis' chagrin these hula-hoops are not meant to represent the rings of Saturn, but the amount of personal space a person needs to be comfortable. Slowly, Louis comes to realize the difference between personal space and outer space, and he finally understands why people get so grumpy when he is in their face. The back cover of the book serves as a graduation certificate from Personal Space Camp that a child can personalize with his or her own name. For children ages 4-8. (Softcover; 32 pages.)

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