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Real Boy

Real Boy
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    ©2005. By Christina Adams. This exceptionally well-written book tells one mother's story of becoming an "autism mom." When her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) near the age of three, the author was devastated, but quickly devoted all her energy to finding out what to do. She powerfully tells her story of struggling to understand the diagnosis, the steps she went through to obtain all of the knowledge and help that she could find, and the many different treatment approaches she tried in order to help her son. The book also describes her son's amazing progress, and how he responded (sometimes well, sometimes poorly) to different treatment options over the course of two years. A large part of her son's treatment plan was an applied behavior analysis (ABA) home program, but the author also focuses on the dietary changes and specific medications that were particularly effective in regulating her son's behavior. While her own son's story is a remarkable success, the author also tries to offer a realistic view of what parents must go through to advocate for their children, and the varying levels of success individuals with ASD may achieve. It is an inspiring story about the possibilities of early intervention, but there is an emphasis on how difficult it can be to find the best available services that are tailored to a specific child's needs. (Softcover; 318 pages.)

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