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Rock and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place
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    ©2006. By Anne Sutcliffe. Although the novel's characters and events are fiction, many parents and caregivers will be able to relate completely to the life of the main character, Lucy Roseman, her husband, and their three children, the oldest of whom has severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The author, the mother of a child with ASD, portrays Lucy's life with the knowledge and detail that can only come from first-hand experience. Lucy and her husband come to terms with placing their very active and often destructive daughter in a boarding school in England; however, they struggle with the school system and with others who feel the placement is unnecessary. With her marriage dissolving, her younger children negatively impacted, and no help from her extended family or the community, she finds herself struggling with the dilemma of escaping from her current life or staying and fighting for her family. Lucy's morals are also tested when she finds comfort with another man, and she must decide if she has the strength and courage to continue the fight. (Softcover; 363 pages.)

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