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School Success for Kids With Asperger's Syndrome

School Success for Kids With Asperger's Syndrome
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    ©2007. By Stephan M. Silverman, Ph.D. and Rich Weinfeld. Written for parents and teachers, this concise reference guide contains a wealth of practical information about how to help students with Asperger Syndrome (AS) achieve success in school. According to the authors, the book was designed to "fill in the gaps" where students' special needs impede their ability to access instruction and progress academically. In these pages, the authors summarize relevant research related to AS and education, and they also provide numerous functional guidelines and practical strategies for parents and teachers who live and work with students with AS. Chapters include: an overview of AS; developmental concerns and how AS might appear to a parent; recognizing and diagnosing AS, including pivotal aspects used to form a diagnosis; other important aspects of AS; best practices in school; strategies and interventions that work in the classroom; working with the school system; best practices for parenting and raising kids with AS; college, work, and independent living; and an overview of a successful school program for students with AS in the state of Ohio. The appendices also contain valuable information for parents and teachers, including: a resources listing of organizations and websites; a checklist of issues and challenges that parents and teachers might observe in the classroom (a very useful tool for IEP meetings and parent-teachers conferences); a sample form for designing an intervention plan; a quick reference guide to problem areas and related interventions; a checklist of program options for students with AS; and a list of specific techniques to help parents and teachers handle attention problems and ADHD. It is the authors' view that school success can be achieved when parents and educators work as a team, and when early intervention and best practices are employed. Filled with comprehensive, up-to-date information and targeted strategies, this book is an essential resource for parents and professionals. (Softcover; 221 pages.)

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