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Social Skills Solutions

Social Skills Solutions
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    By Kelly McKinnon, M.A., BCBA, and Janis Krempa, M.Ed., BCBA. ©2005.

    In Social Skills Solutions: A Hands-On Manual For Teaching Social Skills To Children with Autism, the authors use the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach social skills to individuals, both verbal and nonverbal, with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The goals of this program are targeting, learning, and producing a desired behavior, and an overview of ABA methodologies is outlined in the introduction.

    The manual is not a step-by-step guide to implementing a social skills program, but rather a module for beginning with basic skills and building or "scaffolding" age- appropriate social skills. The 10 modules include:

    • Joint attention
    • Greetings
    • Social play
    • Self-awareness
    • Conversation
    • Perspective taking
    • Critical thinking
    • Advanced language
    • Friendships
    • Community skills.

    Each module is divided into 3 levels:

    • Basic responses
    • Sustained responses
    • Generalized responses.

    Instructions for conducting an assessment as well as teaching strategies are also provided.

    The authors have developed an extensive social skills checklist to offer a benchmark from which to start and continue to measure the skills needed at all 3 levels within each module. The checklist also measures each skill in an individual, group, and natural setting. Additional topics include: creating a program; collecting data; using visuals; giving feedback; utilizing peers; inclusion; and the role of the parent.

    The book also contains extensive appendices with forms, worksheets, visuals, a glossary, and a resource section. (Softcover; 211 pages.)