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Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond

Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond
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    Winner of the 2006 iParenting Media Award, "Outstanding Products" Category.

    By Jed Baker, Ph.D. ©2006.

    The well-known author of The Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children with Autism has created this picture book edition for adolescents and young adults.

    There are two parts to this book. Part one describes how to implement and individualize this book, and also focuses on the importance of visual aids. Emphasis is also placed on helping students generalize the information provided. Part two of the book teaches specific social skills through conversation bubbles and photographs of teens interacting in real-life situations. These skills are illustrated with step-by-step instructions and examples of the right way and the wrong way to approach specific situations. The social skills featured range from greetings and interrupting a conversation to dealing with mistakes and interviewing for a job, and older students will learn expected behavior as well as how to make good social choices. This resource is especially helpful for individuals who have difficulty with abstract thinking, sustaining attention, and auditory processing. (Softcover; 177 pages.)