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Social Success Workbook for Teens

Social Success Workbook for Teens
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    By Barbara Cooper MPS, Nancy Widdows MS ©2008.

    Making friends is a skill like any other-there are rules to follow, ways to measure your progress, and reasons why some people are better at it than others. Although it may seem like this skill comes naturally to those who don't have High Function Autism, Asperger's syndrome, nonverbal learning disorder (NLD), or other problems relating to others, the truth is that even the most popular people must constantly work on their ability to make new friends and keep the friends they already have.

    The Social Success Workbook for Teens: Skill-Building Activities for Teens with Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Asperger's Disorder & Other Social-Skill is a workbook that includes forty activities you can do to recognize and use your unique strengths, understand the unspoken rules behind how people relate to each other, and improve your social skills.

    Once you complete the activities in this workbook, you will discover that you can get along with others and build friendships despite the challenges you face. All you need is the confidence to be yourself while still keeping the feelings of others in mind. (Softcover, 132 pages)