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Special Needs Handbook for Teachers

Special Needs Handbook for Teachers
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    ©2008. By Molly Millians & The Do2Learn Team. This valuable teacher's workbook addresses both classroom management and learning strategies for teaching children with special needs. Chapter 1 focuses on organizing the classroom. Chapter 2 gives strategies on how to teach a child to better self regulate their behavior, focus their attention, and interpret their own mental states. Chapter 3 focuses on creating a behavior management plan that includes: goals, replacement behaviors, praise and rewards, consequences and correction, and following through and phasing out. Chapter 3 also gives strategies for making changes and accommodations to the classroom, and your teaching style, to decrease negative or difficult behaviors. Chapter 4 concentrates on teaching social interactions. Chapter 5 deals with creating a classroom contract, which can help children to learn respect for each other and the learning environment. Chapters 6-12 give learning strategies to help your student gain better problem solving, reading, language skills, mathematics, and studying skills. The appendixes are chucked full of reproducibles including: classroom and behavioral clip art, observation forms, charts, brainstorming and organizational maps, and various reading response forms. (Softcover; 257 pages)

    ©2007-2008. Autism Society of North Carolina. (added 08/26/08)