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Taking Depression to School

Taking Depression to School
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    ©2002. By Kathy Khalsa, OTR/L. Illustrated by Tom Dineen. This illustrated fictional story is told from the perspective of Emily, who has childhood depression. Emily describes the numerous symptoms that she experienced before her diagnosis, including: feelings of sadness and anxiety (with no precipitating event); social isolation; problems with concentration; a loss of interest in activities; a loss of appetite; scary thoughts; and an upset stomach. Emily eventually discusses her feelings with her father, and her parents decide to take her to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asks Emily and her parents many detailed questions, and Emily is finally diagnosed with depression. The psychiatrist recommends medication and therapy sessions with a psychologist, and Emily talks about how the medication and the therapy sessions help her manage her emotions, so they don't seem so scary and overwhelming. Emily does worry that her friends and classmates may not want to socialize with her if they find out that she sees a psychiatrist and takes medicine, but then she realizes that many kids take medication, and that the best thing she can do is take care of herself. Emily also offers advice so other kids can learn how to be a good friend to someone who may show signs of depression. Filled with positive language and key information, this book also contains a kid's quiz and tips for teachers. For children ages 5-10. (Softcover; 27 pages.)

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