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Tasks Galore (Revised Edition)

Tasks Galore (Revised Edition)
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    By Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey ©2013.

    Tasks Galore was written by teachers and therapists who are highly experienced in Structured Teaching methodology.

    This book offers a compilation of 250 tasks shown in color photographs. These tasks were used by the authors in North Carolina TEACCH-affiliated classrooms and in University of North Carolina Division TEACCH treatment sessions and trainings, and are applicable to any student working on early learning concepts.

    Each photograph shows how manipulative, sensory, and visual elements can be incorporated into educational tasks in order to capture a student's attention and make learning fun.

    With tasks from a variety of preschool and elementary curriculum areas, like:

    • Fine motor skills
    • Readiness
    • Language arts
    • Math
    • Reasoning
    • Play

    This “encyclopedia” will provide numerous ideas to spark the creativity of parents, teachers, and therapists as they individualize a program for their students. (Spiral bound; 59 pages.) iety of North Carolina.