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When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death

When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death
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    ©2009 By Laurie Krasny Brown (Author) and Marc Brown (Illustrator)

    When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death, explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died.

    Explaining death to a child is never easy, but this book can help. Difficult concepts are made much simpler with the colorful cartoon pictures. Little green dinosaurs experience and express the same thoughts and feelings as the reader.

    Using straight forward but reassuring words, the author presents complete a balanced, age appropriate explanation of why death occurs and other similar issues, and suggests sensible, specific strategies for coping with the resulting feelings of loneliness, fear and anger. The authors also consider how an individual child might respond to the death of a loved one. Whether it is a pet or a parent, "there is no right or wrong way to feel." Some explanations are deferred to other adults. For example, after several dinosaur characters offer different beliefs on what happens after death, readers are advised to ask a family member or religious leader if you have questions. Suicide and drug abuse are mentioned in the book.

    When Dinosaurs Die, does not have to be read cover to cover. A parent can choose to use two or three pages to fit their specific situation. The story is presented in two-page spreads which tends to develop specific concepts related to death such as funerals, the cause of death, what death means, etc. This is an excellent resource for children faced with trying to understand the concept of death and understanding the feeling of grief and grieving. For ages 4 to 8 years old. (Softcover; 32 pages.)