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Words Are Not For Hurting

Words Are Not For Hurting
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    ©2004. By Elizabeth Verdick. Illustrated by Marieka Heinlen. This cheerfully illustrated children's book uses simple, easily understood language to raise awareness about the power of words. It begins by making children aware of the many different kinds of words: short, long, loud, quiet, polite, helpful, and harmful. It then talks about how words can make us feel, not only when we hear them, but also when we say them. If we do not like what we hear, we can tell others how the words make us feel. If we feel sorry about what we said, we can apologize. In addition, the end of the book contains several pages of ideas and conversation starters about how to describe to children the many different aspects of communication, including body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, hurtful words, compliments, questions, and asking for help. For children ages 4-8. (Softcover; 33 pages.)

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