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Asperger's, Autism & Girls

Asperger's, Autism & Girls
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    By Dr. Tony Attwood ©2011.

    In Asperger's, Autism and Girls DVD: Understanding and Appreciating the Female Perspective, Dr. Tony Attwood describes the unique challenges of women and girls with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Dr Attwood addresses the rapid increase of women and girls with autism spectrum disorders, as well as the large number who remain misdiagnosed.

    Dr Attwood covers everything from a girl’s ability to camouflage and mimic social behaviors to hide their social confusion to ways their condition may be identified through their unique interests and behaviors. He believes that girls with Asperger's are often misdiagnosed, resulting in their not getting the help they need for what is often typical of their condition:

  • Low self esteem
  • Depression (often clinical depression)
  • Vulnerability to relationship predators
  • Living in abusive relationships
  • Unhealthy excessive weight loss or gain
  • Selective mutism
  • And many other things.
  • He focuses on the importance of a diagnosis so that girls and women can understand the “why” they are how they are as well as who they are. With this understanding, they can develop an appreciation of their differences, which are not less than their neurotypical peers - just different.

    Also, included are practical solutions school systems can implement, social challenges, and issues such as navigating puberty, transitioning to work or university, and the importance of careers.