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Social Skills Training and Frustration Management (DVD)

Social Skills Training and Frustration Management (DVD)
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    ©2007. Featuring Jed Baker, Ph.D. This dynamic presentation will be of great value to family members, caregivers, and professionals who live and work with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), learning disabilities, mood disorders, and other issues that impact social-emotional functioning. Dr. Jed Baker, a clinical psychologist and social skills training expert, gives viewers an overview of the challenging behaviors associated with social communication disorders, and he provides a wealth of practical strategies, including: how to de-escalate meltdowns; preventing problems with comprehensive behavior plans; increasing an individual's motivation to learn social skills; teaching and generalizing social skills skills in natural situations; creating accepting peer environments and preventing bullying; and utilizing sample skill lessons. This comprehensive presentation is a key social skills training tool for families and professionals who are seeking effective strategies to help children with social communication problems. --From the publisher. (Running time: 4 and 1/2 hours.)