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Understanding Brothers and Sisters with AS (DVD)

Understanding Brothers and Sisters with AS (DVD)
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    Produced by Coulter Video ©2007.

    The Understanding Brothers and Sisters with Asperger Syndrome DVD contains four programs for siblings of children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and their parents. Each program covers a range of challenges and strengths, and describes techniques siblings can use to get along and support each other. Parents can show their children the programs that best suit their age and developmental levels, from age 4 through adulthood. Program one features puppets and explains AS to siblings who are ages 4 to 7. Program two includes interviews with siblings and additional narration, and is appropriate for siblings ages 7-12. Program three includes sibling interviews as well as narration, and is aimed at siblings age 12 through adulthood. Program four includes interviews with parents of children with AS, and is designed specifically for parent viewing. (Running time: 109 minutes.)