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ShoeboxTasks Educational CD

ShoeboxTasks Educational CD
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    ©2013 ShoeboxTasks Educational CD brings another dimension to the application of ShoeboxTasks. Similar to manipulating the original ShoeboxTasks, students can now use a mouse to move a variety of shapes to be matched, stacked, or placed into containers on an interactive screen.

    Following the TEACCH Independent Work Setting model, the ShoeboxTasks Educational CD allows students to easily understand how many pieces they are to move, when they are finished, and what they will do next. The program is designed for the student who needs visually clear, concise, cause and effect connections. By establishing clear beginnings and endings to each selected task, independence becomes a more reasonable goal for the student who might not otherwise be attracted to the computer.

    In addition to the Independent Work Setting, the CD also includes seven interactive memory games involving matching shapes, colors, letters, numbers; sequencing lights and sounds; and finding the missing parts to two identical pictures.

    Teachers have reported positive results with students not normally motivated to use the classroom computer. And, a computer's mouse can be programmed to lock on an object with one click and release the object with another click, eliminating the need to keep the mouse depressed as it moves across the pad.
    ShoeboxTasks Educational CD

    ©2013 Autism Society of NC (added 7/4)