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Functional Independence Skills Handbook (FISH)

Functional Independence Skills Handbook (FISH)
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    ©2003. By William K. Killion, Ph.D. The FISH assessment and curriculum was designed for individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal of the program is to teach functional living skills for greater independence. Ten FISH assessment booklets (one per person) are provided with each curriculum handbook to help teachers, parents, and other professionals determine a present level of performance, and to plan goals accordingly. A parent, guardian, or other individual who is knowledgeable about the person with the developmental disability must administer the assessment. The assessment guide and curriculum handbook target seven functional areas: adaptive behavior; affective (emotional) skills; cognitive skills; sensorimotor skills; social skills; speech and language skills; and vocational skills. Once a present level of performance has been established, the handbook guides the professional through curriculum development. The curriculum contains 421 lessons covering the seven targeted functional skill areas. The lessons are a criterion-referenced series of tasks. Appendix A lists prerequisite skills needed for each lesson, and Appendix B lists potential lessons to enhance mastered skills. Each lesson lists the specific task, prerequisite skills, concept, behavioral objective, materials, and a task analysis. Lessons include skill areas such as: eating with a fork; making a sandwich; telling time by hours; using a clothes dryer; dialing a phone; not hurting others; using money at a store; opening a door; sharing news; unfolding boxes; using a time clock; and many more. These lessons can be easily adapted for multiple skill levels and ages. (Kit: spiral bound manual, 475 pages; 10 assessment booklets.)

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