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How To Do Discrete Trial Training

How To Do Discrete Trial Training
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    By Sonja R. de Boer ©2007.

    Discrete trial training (DTT) is an instructional strategy used to teach individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and it requires repeated practice of correct responding to a signal, followed by reinforcement. A discrete trial has a clear beginning and end, and it is a specific way of using applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help persons with ASD learn specific skills.

    The How To Do Discrete Trial Training guide gives an overview of DTT and provides key information on the following topics:

    • ABA as it relates to ASD and DTT

    • The antecedent, behavior, and consequence paradigm

    • Using DTT to teach skills; providing a structured teaching environment for skill acquisition

    • Data-based decision making.

    Written for teachers, therapists, and other professionals, the book also includes examples, practice exercises, and sample observation forms. (Booklet; 75 pages.)