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101 Activities Kids In Tight Spaces

101 Activities Kids In Tight Spaces
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    ©1995. By Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

    Children need room to move around, but unfortunately there are many times when space is not available. Think of the many different times children have to spend in small cramped spaces; while riding in cars, when traveling, in doctor's and dentist’s offices, the grocery store, waiting in line, being sick or just being stuck at home.

    You'll find great projects for every imaginable small space parents and children encounter. Activities like:

    • Fun Food for Tiny Kitchens: Ants on a Log, Footprints in the Snow, and Aiken Drum Faces
    • In the Urban Community: Windowsill Garden, Bug Jar, and Corn-on-the-Sponge
    • When the Walls Seem to Be Closing In: Pillow Crashing, People Sandwich, and Teeter-Totter

    These fun ideas will help satisfy a child's need to touch, move, play, and think, and the activities are grouped into specific categories, including: art and carpentry; music and sound; food and cooking; hands-on activities; movement; and dramatic play. Included is a description of what you need, what to do, and additional helpful hints. Also included is the appropriate age range and learning value for each project.

    When you have a small space and a restless child, you need 101 ingenious solutions. This book is full of easy to implement, creative fun ideas that help children develop different skills and abilities while entertaining themselves and interacting with others. The imaginative activities will occupy restless three to seven year olds while turning tough moments into teachable and terrific times.

    (Softcover; 162 pages.)