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Revealing the Hidden Social Code

Revealing the Hidden Social Code
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    ©2005. By Marie Howley and Eileen Arnold. This book focuses on using the Social Stories™ method to teach social understanding to persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The authors are trained in the development and implementation of this method, and they begin by introducing the reader to the reasons it was developed and how it benefits persons with ASD. They also explain the significance of following all of the steps to create a truly individualized and effective social story. The pre-writing stage includes the importance of identifying a topic and gathering information from various sources such as direct observation, interviews with persons involved, and discussions with the individual with ASD. The authors also discuss the mechanics of writing the social story, including sentences and structure. The book contains a section on writing an advanced social story, to help those who may be ready to write and implement stories about more complex issues, including abstract concepts. Considerations for presenting a social story include the ability level of the person with ASD, format selection, and monitoring the outcome to know whether or not the individual has had a change in behavior or social understanding. The book contains numerous examples, a problem-solving section, and an appendix of checklists. The book is recommended by Carol Gray, the creator of the Social Stories™ method. (Softcover; 160 pages.)

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